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Young Voices With New Visions

YVNV Summer Residencies YVNV Summer Residencies High School dramaturgy interns Interns read and write questions for the new playwright 88355541 Character development Students busy providing details during character study activity 88355542 Character Development Student created character 88355543 88355544 Character Development Students created characters 88355545 High School Students as dramaturgy interns A read-aloud of Kenneth (rising 7th grader) new play Mid Summer's Nightmare as 2009 yvnv finalist Christina observes 88355546 Writing is a process Kenneth edits new play 88355547 Dialogue, Dialogue, Dialogue Girls discover character motivations, mood, and feelings 88355548 Morgan working on her first draft of FAMILY PROBLEM 93897945 Interpreting dialogue is fun for all ages 93897946 93897947 93897948 93897950 grandparents get in on the act too! 93897957 93897961 93897963 93897964 93897965 93897966 93897967 93897968 93897969 93897970 93897973 93897975