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Young Voices With New Visions

SAVE THE DATE by Sabrina Batchler SAVE THE DATE by Sabrina Batchler The collab was fab! lft-rgt: Alex Garrett, Tim Jernigan, Bella Coletta, Antonne Broussard, Noah Defen, Nazareth Haygood (Director), Kia Jie Jacobs, Pamela-Faith Jackson, YVNV Founder/Dramaturg, Christina Edwards, Playz By Kidz playwright 193865805 Hope she can't see me sweat... lft-rgt: John Ward, Alex Garrett, Bella Coletta (Jane) 193865811 Help???? Playwright Alex Garrett (Adam) with John Ward (Rory) discussing how he will pay for the meal. 193865807 Nazz with Kia 193865780